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Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge
35704 Co Hwy 26

Tamarac lies in the heart of one of the most diverse transition zones in North America. Here Eastern deciduous hardwoods, Northern coniferous forests and Western tall grass prairie converge, creating a rich assemblage of both plants and animals. Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge was established as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife by Executive Order 7902, dated May 31, 1938.

The landscape is characterized by rolling forested hills interspersed with shallow lakes, rivers, marshes and shrub swamps. Towering red and white pine intermingle with aspens, majestic old growth forests, jack pine barrens and tamarack-spruce bogs. In the land where food grows on water, bountiful wild rice provides for future generations of wildlife and native people.

Though the landscape has been altered by the influences of human history and past management, the Refuge remains largely intact with a functioning ecosystem, retaining an untamed character for current visitors to enjoy, use and respect. From the vibrant emergence of spring woodland wildflowers to the rich colors of autumn to the quiet hush of winter, people come to revitalize their spirit and connect with a rich wildlife heritage.

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