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Springfield Conservation Nature Center

Springfield Conservation Nature Center
4601 South Nature Center Way

Something exciting is always happening at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center. Indoors you'll discover nature through programs, activities and displays. Outdoors, seasonal changes and unpredictable wildlife make each visit an adventure. So come visit our nature center often!


Surprise a white-tailed deer bedded in a cedar thicket. Smell the fresh scent of the Ozark woods after a rain. Watch an eagle snag a fish from an icy lake. At the Springfield Conservation Nature Center there are trails to walk, exhibits to explore, and videos and programs to enjoy. All year-round, it's the place to experience and learn about the Missouri outdoors.

Nature Center Features:

-Eighty acres of forests, fields and creeks, along with frontage on Lake Springfield.
-Wildlife, including deer, foxes, mink, muskrat, raccoons, squirrels, birds, turtles, frogs, bugs and just about everything else that lives in the Ozarks.
-Nearly three miles of trails, as short as a fifth of a mile, as long as two miles.
-A boardwalk over the marshy shallows of the lake.
-A building containing:
-150-seat auditorium
-information desk
-sales of books, calendars, and fishing and hunting permits
-Regularly scheduled public programs, guided walks and nature films.
-Covered sack lunch area.
-Pull-through bus and RV parking
-Facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.

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