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Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary

Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary
30 Peck Road

The Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1939 by Arthur D. Norcross. Its present area comprises approximately eight thousand acres of wooded hills, lakes and streams. It is maintained by the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. whose purpose is the conservation of wildlife and the active practice of conservation for the benefit of the public. This includes the collection and propagation of wild plants, the preservation of birds and all forms of animal wildlife and the conservation of land and water.  

Plants growing at Tupper Hill are native to the Eastern Seaboard from the Carolinas to Canada. The gardens along the walking trail represent habitats found throughout New England.  Native plants can be a valuable food source for birds and animals of our region.

Natural history exhibits are on display in the museums.  These exhibits provide a variety of information on plants, animals, insects, and minerals of the northeast. 

It is the aim of the Norcross Wildlife Foundation to engage in and foster research, education and training in conservation.  The Foundation also cooperates with outside groups and individuals interested in natural history and other forms of wildlife conservation.

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