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Kildeer Nature Center

Kildeer Nature Center
21911 Quentin Road

With surrounding Lake County in a state of vast development, it was Kildeer’s intent to provide its residents with a refuge where people could join together with nature’s tranquility.

The Nature Center land has evolved naturally over the centuries. The upland portions of the wetlands on the site were historically used as pastureland. In pre-settlement times (prior to 1830), this site was an oak savanna bordered by wet prairies. Thus, the land has provided a sanctuary for a variety of natural flora and fauna for many years.

The land was acquired by the village in 1996, through a federal Land and Water Conservation Fund and Illinois Department of Natural Resources Open Land Space Acquisition Grant. It expands over an area of 5 acres. Adjacent to the center, land has been designated for the future development of a Village Facility.

The center is in its natural state. There are currently no paths, no benches, and no gathering areas. It is Kildeer’s wish to keep this area in its natural state to preserve the uniqueness of what nature has bestowed, and allow for little disruption of its beauty. This habitat is a parcel dominated by stream beds, adjacent wetlands and a sloping terrain of forested meadows.

To enhance your journey, this booklet will attempt to provide you with information on the plant and animal inhabitants, while defining their characteristics. If you wish further information, please contact the Village Office and we will be happy to direct you to additional sources of information.

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