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Haywood Nature Reserve

Haywood Nature Reserve
755 Hwy 135 NW

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The Hayswood Nature Reserve is really two parks in one.

In keeping with the wishes of the donor, Dr. Samuel Hays, 130 acres of Hayswood, bounded by Big Indian Creek which runs through the center of the park, is a nature conservancy. Because it is the mission of this part of the park to preserve nature, you will notice a few things different from other parks. You will find no electric, telephone, or modern restroom facilities in the conservancy. As part of this, you will not see any lumbering activity, use of ATVs, hunting, trapping, or harvesting of natural grown vegetation. However, you will notice several nature trails, wildlife projects, birdhouses, and many other nature preserving practices.

The recreational portion of Hayswood consists of 181 acres of which half is wooded and half is open for recreation facilities. There are three shelter houses, a modern restroom facility, a small lake with a handicap accessible fishing pier, a number of walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas and a basketball court. There are several areas in the recreational section that are open for multiple uses like softball, football, volleyball, or baseball. These are not permanently marked fields, but are good grassed areas for an informal game.

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