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Choate Sanctuary

Choate Sanctuary
Crow Hill Road and Route 133

Choate Sanctuary was first protected by the New Castle Land Conservancy.

Located beside Route 133, Choate Sanctuary offers a welcome corner of serenity in a residential area.

Highlights of Choate Sanctuary are the many unusual rock outcroppings and the mature forest with large tulip trees, red oak and red maple.

Please remember that a sanctuary is where all life is respected. Please do not injure or remove any animals or plants from our sanctuaries.

Choate Sanctuary is a good place to enjoy hiking, birding, and quiet views over the surrounding woodland. Dogs are permitted on leashes. Please do pick up after your dog.

Please also remember that all of our sanctuaries are closed to visitors between dusk and dawn. We are grateful for the continuing care of our sanctuary neighbors in protecting these special habitats.

For protection of the wildlife and habitat and the enjoyment and safety of our visitors, camping, fires, biking, hunting and motorized vehicles are not permitted in any of our sanctuaries.

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