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Babson Park Audubon Center

Babson Park Audubon Center
200 North Crooked Lake Drive

The Audubon Center at Babson Park is home to the Ridge Audubon Society who manages the facility and grounds for Audubon of Florida. The Center sits on three and a half acres of rare longleaf sandhill plant community on the Lake Wales Ridge. The mission of Ridge Audubon Society is to educate people about the birds, wildlife and habitats of the Lake Wales Ridge. To achieve this goal the Center's educator conducts school programs and special events for the general public to build a sense of community.

Babson Park is a place where children can discover nature in an exciting way. Areas of discovery were created where children can come in and dress up as creatures of the Lake Wales Ridge or create their own puppet show. The Center also keeps a few live animals to interest those of all ages. The Center's gift and bookshop has an inventory that provides resources for those studying the Lake Wales Ridge as well as all of Florida.

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